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Mystic Missal dot org / blog pointing at this


Where “Paul Rezendes and George Leoniak ask the questions: what does it mean to be Awake, or is Enlightenment real?”

Below that blog entry was:

With this … The obstacles which arise from the external world are intimately connected with those from the inner world, and cannot be separated; because external temptations create inward desires, and inward desires call for external means for gratification. 

Franz Hartmann
From With the Adepts, An Adventure Among the Rosicrucian, by Franz Hartmann (1910)

Mind connected that to a David Bohm quote:

The above quote prompts further inquiry. The first three lines link our reality’s dependence on our truth, and our beliefs. Descending from Reality into our experience creating mechanism where the three way interaction between: (a) perceptions (b) what we look for, and (c) what we think, generates our unique personal history in memory (a) affects (b) affects (c) affects (a) in a dance of perpetual re-inforcement and feedback loops. Then depending on our dominant inner tendencies, ascends in the last three lines leads to the projection of our inner sense making, onto the external world as encountered by the individual interacting with the Actual.

The quote provoked mappings in various forms …

First attempt map 01
Second attempt Map 02, Note quote first seen, read, in David Carse’s Perfect Brilliant Stillness which is Free to read!
Third attempt Map 03
Fourth attempt Map 04

The dance / interaction between (a) perceptions (b) What we look for (c) What we think … colour how we percieve / interpret what we known as reality and how we project back on reality.

The challenge is to allow the experience to arise and disippate and the movement of energy, potential, life, beyond the thought / “thinking about life” to be and let LIFE, Actuality, Truth … to reveal ITSELF when the dance of (a)&(b)&(c) with each other is seen beyond.

To be continued … note David Bohm “Thought as a System” promises to reveal more …

[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in] by E. E.… | Poetry Magazine

The poems and the above link appeared when a search was made for poems by ee cummings …

The power of lowercase IS to simply echo UpperCase and real-IS-e for a person … THAT, neither … Is the case or above or below the other! as there n-ever was an-other or OTHER ONLY ever only ON-e ONE one … on an e-on!

Democracy for Sale

Book Reviews from Scotsman Review from the Irish Timed Good Reads Reviews Review Pavific Affairs Book Blurb

Book Blurb:.


‘If you’re concerned about the health of British democracy, read this book – it is thorough, gripping and vitally important’ Oliver Bullough, author of Moneyland. Democracy is in crisis, and unaccountable and untraceable flows of money are helping to destroy it. Politicians lie gleefully, making wild claims that can be shared instantly with millions of people on social media. Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro and populists in many other countries are the beneficiaries. Peter Geoghegan is a diligent, brilliant guide through a shadowy world of dark money and digital disinformation stretching from Westminster to Washington, and far beyond. He shows how antiquated electoral laws are broken with impunity, how secretive lobbying bends our politics out of shape, and how Silicon Valley tech giants have colluded in selling out democracy. Geoghegan investigates politicians, fabulously well-funded partisan think tanks, propagandists who know how to game a rigged system, and the campaigners and regulators valiantly trying to stop them. Democracy for Sale is the story of how money, vested interests and digital skulduggery are eroding trust in democracy – and a powerful account of what must be done about it.