Tension …

Like a stretched rubber band each moment is in balance, a sort of tension … held apparently still but in dynamic tension … this is true of so much of life and live action.

A litre glass of water stationary on a table looks clear and still, light reflection and refraction generate dynamic light displays as we move around and light plays on the still flat surface of the water and glass.

Inside the bulk of the water and at the level of the still clear surface beyond our sense perception there is a different world and landscape. Depending on temperature anywhere around normal room temperature molecules are evaporating from the horizontal surface escaping into the atmosphere. The surface tension shows a meniscus curve at the sides and appears stable.

Deep inside amongst the 10^23 plus molecules of H2O many of them are disassembling into H+ and OH- ions, even when the pH is neutral 7 – this is dynamic equilibrium natures chemical balance an energetic tension, like much of life.

Stretching and contracting, lengthening and shortening, even muscles are rarely just loose.

So many other forms of tension …


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