Homing …

On Aunt Denie’s doorstep …

Russel Williams … on YouTube 

interview with … Steve Taylor from Leeds BeckettSteve Taylor from Leeds Beckett

For me coming full circle … watch this space …



One thought on “Homing …

  1. lifebeinglife Post author

    “Metta is the wholeness of things, without separation. So there has to be the realisation of the wholeness of things, that this is not separate from that. You find that this wholeness is totally accepting, and in it there is the arising of wisdom. When there is full mindfulness, there is nobody doing, no sense of self or ego. The self is not there – as a result, there is the complete union of everything, because everything is not seen and understood out there, but brought within and experienced as itself. This is true metta or love, and it is so balanced that it doesn’t require anything to be done. That is the way it is. But of course it is only momentary. … It has lost metta. It is only when the mind accepts everything that it can become itself, and know its own nature. Everything is the mind’s own nature, but with so many different facets. The mind visits here and it visits there, in and out of itself, and every so often it experiences co-joining. It’s only when we have this expansion that we are aware of boundlessness. Only then is full consciousness present. But there is nobody doing it, is there? It just happens. The real trick is to not come out of this state, to remain in it and see the whole world from its standpoint. One problem though is that you cannot pinpoint any single state for more than a moment because you have to see all the peripherals that go with it and the conditions that support it. However you look at it, the state is part of a whole and doesn’t have an individual identity – and neither do you!” (Williams, Russell (2015) Not I, Not Other than I.)



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