The end of seeking ….

Some writings on the Liberation_Is

Website include this simple idea …

“It is the realization and recognition that your ordinary human condition is what you have been seeking. All the authentic sages have said the same thing. “I am ordinary.” But we say, “No, you are great and I am pathetic and lowly.” We create the inferior self in this way and idolize the superior self that we believe the sage possesses. Again he says, “No, I am just like you”, and we refuse to believe, because the last thing a spiritual seeker wants is to be ordinary.

Who you are now is who you are. What you believe you should be, or that there is something more to attain, or some greater experience you need to attain, is illusion and a lie. Why? Because what is, is. Liberation is the natural human condition now. Come to know this for yourself and be free of seeking and becoming.”



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