Shared from WordPress Jesus met Buddha in a Park

Buddha and Jesus walk into a park . . . –

Reposting Jesus and Buddha because … as young man I was confirmed a Christian and it was a very disconcerting process … I could not get my heart and head together around the rules … later I realised that as it says in the Tao the Ching … we only produce rules when we forget the Tao, the Way … being present with Life … I too like Thich Nhat Hanh, his works have helped me love and own my anger which I always tried to hold at arms length … now I embrace and look after it knowing it is not apart from me but “a part” of me and must be cared for so I can own it and allow it’s cause … usually a false self belief … to melt away … I seek the kingdom within … I met the teaching of the Buddha much later in life in use the Dali Lama as a role model two phrases he uses I repeat often “My religion is very simple. It’s called kindness” …. and ” I am not interested in your religion, but I am interested in your ethics”. I strongly believe both Jesus and Buddha would observe our behaviour towards others to understand the depth of our humanity not our words!


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