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Atlas of the emotions …

Daniel Goleman in his book “A Force for Good” describes a project the Dalai Lama has encourage researchers Paul and Eva Ekman to produce An Atlas of Emotions The “map is not the territory” but this tool can help us explore and think more deeply about  and better understand our own emotions. The different frames of states, actions, triggers, moods for the emotions and the idea of a baseline of calm are really helpful signposts for navigating the seas of one’s emotions. Only just seen this tool but it feels important to share it.
Paul Ekman had also written “A Parents Guide to Inside Out” 

Digital Wisdom

Browsing on the web through a pdf of 3 Chapters from “Out of Our Minds” by Sir Ken Robinson this quote jumped out

“Current systems of education were not designed to meet the challenges we now face. They were developed to meet the needs of a former age. Reform is not enough: they need to be transformed.” (from start chapter 3 – The Trouble with Education.)

Later in the same chapter the terms “Digital Native and Digital Immigrant” attracted attention and led via links to “Digital Wisdom” terms claimed by Marc Prensky who has published “Education To Better Their World” highlighting that Plan A: get a good education and a good job = happiness, and security … is not working any more … see also The RSA Animate of Sir Kens views on Changing the Education Paradigm.

The ideas behind “Digital Wisdom” and those of Sir Ken have been challenged at Digital Counter Revolution  in How wise is Marc Prensky and Is Sir Ken Robinson a Luddite and also remind us that ideas around crises in education are not new as in this 1954 essay The Crisis in Education by Hannah Arendt.

­Maybe others might feel that digital wisdom could be found in the “I Ching” see a programmers take on the I-Ching