Location … location

Someone close asked yesterday and I replied with the standard & post code normally.

A memory arose of the game played in a primary school class by Mr Jones who did cool things and posed interesting questions.

The address game was write down, house name or no, street, town, county, country, continent, planet and so on. Vague memories of  it being read from a book … it seemed just funny at the time to us 9 year olds. 

There are examples of the school exercise all over the web try searching for “Where am I? My place in time and space …”

That brought thoughts about Carl Sagan’s 

Pale Blue Dot” and the various NASA images especially the one of the same blue dot  from behind Saturn’s Rings  

This always prompts memories of Bucky Fuller’s response when asked where he came from? How profound to say

 “This little spaceship earth!”

But apparently though he RBF popularised the term “Spaceship Earth” he was not the first to use the image in writing 

See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaceship_Earth?wprov=sfla1

This little planet is our home and we collectively take her Gian nature and beauty for granted too often … How different it might be if the earth we only two feet in diameter 

Earth Poem



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