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Being … being …
The lovely image above was found (S1) after looking for various quotes and meandering around the notion of the “All, in All, and all being in the All” and got to “Being” on Wikipedia which just drew one in …
(S1) Source: wikimedia Commons 

Opportunities to campaign in UK!

Reading a Saga magazine in a hospital waiting room … dislocated little finger ..  no big deal … read about these groups:

Anti Fracking Group in Lancashire

Fair Tax action group Action Aid

Stop Trucks Killing Cyclists

Advice for Campaigners at Saga

Keeping Libraries Open

Interesting reviews and opportunities to collaborate and campaign for many small communities and organisations and social groups.

Have a look see what is for you or up your alley or floats your boat!

Light … Colin Oliver


The interior light

is nothing but light;

light upon light.

It is a still pool.

Fingers that try to touch

will, without a ripple, disappear.

The interior light

is the clear light of being.

The light on the rock.

Close to, the eye

may catch the swing

of the lamp of amazement,

but the light itself

is nothing but light;

light upon light. 

from Incredible Countries by Colin Oliver 
Which came in an email from Richard Lang of “The Headless Way”