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Atlas of the emotions …

Daniel Goleman in his book “A Force for Good” describes a project the Dalai Lama has encourage researchers Paul and Eva Ekman to produce An Atlas of Emotions The “map is not the territory” but this tool can help us explore and think more deeply about  and better understand our own emotions. The different frames of states, actions, triggers, moods for the emotions and the idea of a baseline of calm are really helpful signposts for navigating the seas of one’s emotions. Only just seen this tool but it feels important to share it.
Paul Ekman had also written “A Parents Guide to Inside Out” 

A Manifesto for a Simple Life — BayArt

When living in New York and working in the corporate world helping to manage the portfolios of the world’s wealthiest clients, my friends and peers sacrificed various of the values this guide for a simple life recommends. Not surprisingly, it brought imbalances into our lives. It affected the choices we made, ironically our finances, the […]

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Saw the above really like it …Noticed the above post at “BayArt” having seen that Markovich Art @ followed “BayArt”

Additional words to shared post:

Taking a moment, paying attention to take a moment “to breathe” … the art and craft of being present.

Often used to say to my sons, “The real miracle is waking up in the morning with breath in your body. After that everything else is a bonus!”

The idea “make do with less” ties in with the “slow movement” and the Buckminster Fuller concept of Ephemeralisation the art of doing more with less.

So thank you BayArt for reminding us all to breathe … to take a moment … to be present.