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Who Am I? Albigen. … Albigen System Websites … http://www.tatfoundation.org/forum .htm … Umbrella site for a dozen Albigen groups.

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Richard Rose, TAT Foundation … For that, the path of knowledge, the inquiry of the form ” Who am I?,” is the principal means. 1. Who am I …

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Richard Rose (March 14, 1917 – July 6, 2005) was an American mystic, esoteric … In 1973, Rose and a handful of students set up the TAT Foundation — “a circle of friends with no …

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Posted: 28 Feb 2010

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The TAT Foundation: TAT is a non-profit, tax- exempt organization established in 1973 to … and the great web page on spiritual films at http://www.spiritualteachers.org/moreinspiration. htm.

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… of the answer to the “Who am I?” question ( see the Maximum Systems pagefor some examples). … has to offer, check out the TAT Foundation site, which includes a monthly e …

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As some of you will have noticed, The Zoo Fence website (zoofence.com and zoofence. org), including TZF’s Open Forum (and our …

Gauging Realization in Oneself and Others by Bob Cergol – tesshughes.com

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1 Sep 2011 – http://tatfoundation.org/ forum2003-11.htm#3 …. present them one final time: “Who am I?” and “What is this existence?

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Highlights Home Page | Receive the Nondual Highlights each day … http://www.&nbsp;tatfoundation.org/forum.htm#4. Go Deeper than Love, …

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Page 1 …. http://tatfoundation.org/forum2008- 04.htm , and the answers Art provide as follows: 1. …. consciously as “who am Ireall

Who Am I? 

Who Am I? | TAT Foundation Fall Gathering
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For a sampling of Paul’s writings, visit the Articles and Essays page on searchwithin.org. Additionally, there will be Group Self-Inquiry …
Best Spiritual Sites on the Web | Courtesy of the TAT Foundation
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Spiritualteachers.org … Home site for the Group of Gainesville, FL, including Zen for the Western Mind: a recap of Hubert Benoit’s …
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Chautauqua Building, previous site of TAT Foundation events In practice, each … Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I? Where did I …
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This is the same as asking the question “Who am I?” To know who and what one is, it is only necessary to look at what remains when …
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Page 1 … You don’t have to spend your days asking, “Who am I, who am I, who am I,…” Everything you do and … http://www.tatfoundation. org.
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http://www.tatfoundation.org/ Blurb from their site: “TAT Foundation, established by Richard Rose …. His teachings speak to our most essential questions: Who am I? Why am I …
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Jan Speaking at TAT Foundation Meeting, Charles Town, WV …
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This talk, “You Are Not What You Think,” is part of a weekend meeting — Who Am I? — being held September 2-4. The Fall Gathering  …
TAT Foundation – TAT Labor Day Meeting: 2014: FROM THE …

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TAT Foundation. · October 3 … (birth) Who am I? (life) and Where am I going? (death)”. 2. …. http://tatfoundation.org/forum.htm#1 · 3 Likes.
Richard Rose’s Psychology of the Observer: Path to … – SelfDefinition.Org

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by J Kent – ‎1990 – ‎Related articles
Page 1 … All Rights Reserved. www. tatfoundation.org ….. meaning of Selfdefinition ; the final answer to the question, “Who am I?” His …
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Frequently Asked Questions · Contact Site Admin … Who Am I? Albigen.Net Blog … TAT Foundation.Org … TAT Foundation.

CAC – Mysticism Week 1

Practice: Being Fully Present
Only when heart, mind, and body are open—simultaneously—can we truly experience God. From childhood, we’re trained to protect ourselves by closing off one or more of these channels. Perhaps this was a necessary coping mechanism. But to develop a mature, holistic faith, we must learn to embrace and listen to each part in the safety of God’s presence. We each depend on certain areas more than others. It will take some “exercise” to develop the neglected muscle of body, heart, or mind. Below are some practices to nurture each area of being.
    Heart: loving-kindness meditation, deep listening, community, journaling, creating art or poetry

    Mind: lectio divina (sacred reading), writing, dialectic argument, study

    Body: ecstatic dance, mindful breathing, yoga, meditative walking, chant, Tai Chi, or simply observing your body (from toes to head)

Gateway to Silence:

Practice being present.